How to Download Free Ringtones on iPhone?

23 Aug

Setting the iPhone ringtone may seem a daunting task to some people especially when it is about the iPhone. However, it is always great to listen to a new ringtone and flaunt yourself for the nice choice. Regardless of the platform, the process of downloading and setting a ringtone almost remains the same. You'll want to know more about free ringtone downloads now. 

Whether android or iPhone, in both cases, you first need to seek for a reliable source. If you are going the app way or preferring the website for downloading the ringtones, these sources should be trustable. Otherwise, the phone malfunctions or even slow down due to the malware and other threats.

Once you are all set about the site or downloading the tones, you have won half of the battle. The next task is setting up the ringtone for your calls. In iPhone, it can be done using the iTunes and the ringtone should already be in your iTunes library. Using a computer or laptop and the iTunes, one can easily sync the ringtone with the iPhone. Go to to learn more. 

However, in android, it remains less laborious as you only have to get the tone in your phone, go to Sounds and set your ringtone there. The downloading process is nothing complicated but finding a reliable app or website is. A wrong or fake source can make your device slow down and that is not a good sign. Or these sources can also make you face a blunder of pop-ups, there can be frequent purchase requirements too.

All these hassles can be avoided by observing the trust score first and then you can continue with the ringtones application. Once you have got your type of ringtones app, no one can stop you from getting that perfect tone for your iPhone. The internet is full of sources and all you need to do is search until you get the ringtone that can keep you updated about the trendy songs.

You may often find freemium apps that means they can be used for free and subscription-based as well. These apps let the users access all the basic features free of cost. So if you find any of these apps, you can absolutely download the app and take advantage of its free features. Later when you think the app is worth giving it a try, you can purchase their paid plans as well else switch to alternatives.

So, downloading the iPhone ringtone and setting it up in your iPhone can be tiresome but it is not impossible. There are many YouTube videos as well that can guide you well on the process step by step. You can opt for these videos and try your hands on with your first iPhone ringtone setup. Here are some of the famous ringtones today:

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